This weekend we have the last tournament, where Judogis with blue IJF label can be used (Junior European Cup Lignano 2015). From April 1st 2015 only the red label is allowed.

However, for CADET events, this regulation shall apply on 1st September 2016, which means in cadet events Judogis with blue or red label can be used until end of August 2016.

Further exceptions and specifications can be found in the attached rules.

Besides this reminder about the changed rules, we would also like to inform you that we are collecting the reports about problems with and violations of the judogi rules from all EJU events. Unfortunately, we still see several cases, where the rules are not respected. Since these rules are important from the sports and fairness perspective as well as from the marketing and media perspective, we need to make sure that all participants understand the rules and comply with the rules. Therefore, we kindly ask you to make sure that all athletes and coaches attending an EJU event know and understand the Judogi rules. It is in the interest of all athletes to avoid discussions and problems in the Judogi control zone, right before a contest.